Veolia | Etnetera


The largest water utility in the Czech Republic

since 2016 Long-term and continual development

We’re the authors of the front-end and back-end of the Moje Veolia (My Veolia) app and the Android and iOS mobile apps for all Veolia ČR companies. Customers can use the portal to completely manage their accounts: from displaying the history and invoices, the option to pay deposits online, an overview of consumption (water, energy, heat), or to submit various requests and regular checks. We also process data from IoT sensors that allows clients to monitor their current and expected consumption and provide notifications about abnormalities, etc. This data allows for timely reports of malfunctions and saves money for the customer and Veolia itself. 


Our solution has already won several awards. In 2018, we won an internal award within Veolia’s global structure for the most innovative portal solution and then finished second the year after in the Internet awareness category.


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