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Technological leader in the betting industry

Since 2009 we keep betting business on the technological top and we bring high quality experience to a wide range of customers, through the website and the mobile application.

Agile dedicated team We meet together with Fortuna in periodical cycles and come up with new improvements of the current solution. Our teams closely cooperate and work within clients premises for few days in a week to maximize effectiveness.
Mobile app and website We manage the web application and we are authors of the mobile application for iOS and Android. These are localized for four languages and increased the betted tickets by 24 %.
LIVE bets and last trends We have developed LIVE bets - a well-managed technological challenge for us. We are continuously improving the application and we are adding the latest features, in order to refine comfort and security.

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An application redesign with a new tab at the bottom and a new homepage that allows for faster navigation within the application, applying the latest proven UX trends.


Launch of native iOS and Android applications on the Romanian market in July 2018



The arrival of virtual sports on the Polish and Slovak market. This is a computer-generated algorithm that allows for 24/7 betting including virtual live streams. Sports on offer include motorcycle and car racing, dog and horse racing, and of course football.


We launched brand new Fortuna mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms. They include fingerprint login, live broadcasts, detailed statistics, immediate ticket acceptance, and push notifications.

“The fact Etnetera’s team isn’t considered to be external at Fortuna, but they are seen as co-workers we can rely on, says a great deal. As it turns out, we hit the jackpot by combining Etnetera with our own internal IT team.”

Jan Horyna – Head of Online Development


Live bets on offer are expanded to its current palette of 39 different sports.


We start meeting twice a week at the client site to achieve better cooperation.

During the Winter Olympics in Sochi, we broke traffic records without any website performance problems, reaching 300,000 people per day and 10,000 people at a single moment.


We faced massive DDoS attacks together with Fortuna and eliminated the impacts of a distributed attack, avoiding the risk of extensive losses.


The team is expanded and its focus changes from cooperation to continuous development and delivery. Together, we created a joint agile team where both sides complemented each other and members are available 24/7/365.

“Close cooperation with the Etnetera team allows us to keep pace with all the major global players in online betting and to light a fire under our competitors on all the markets where we operate.”

Ladislav Wiedermann – Head of Digital


We implemented a corporate website for Fortuna Group.

We launched online betting in Poland.


Live betting during sporting events used to be a pie in the sky, but it’s commonplace these days.

Together with Fortuna, we developed a live betting system that won the Internet Effectiveness Awards!

Before long, we were able to get live betting into mobile phones as well.

“Now we have the best live betting on the market. Czech competitors can’t offer a similar product; they’re not even close.”

Michal Hanák – Chief bookmaker


We launched cooperation with Fortuna a.s., starting with website administration.

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