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AHOLD (Albert)

A year with Albert yielded

45% increase in website visits
12 detailed traffic analyses
70% increase in recipe views

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We took over operation of the HTML websites at ialbert.czihypernova.cz and ahold.cz.


We redesigned and converted the website to our jNetPublish CMS.


We built a new intranet for Ahold including a DMS Commercial magazine used for daily communication between stores and headquarters.

We created attractive, stimulating, and easy to understand intranet pages for our 17,000 employees together with our friends from Etnetera. We had highs and lows throughout the project, but in a comprehensive and objective evaluation, our cooperation is very professional and focused on the client’s satisfaction. Etnetera deserves not only this recommendation for their work, but also our thanks.

Radim Nejman - Internal Communications Manager


The success of the intranet led to its expansion with directive storage. We developed a robust application for measuring energy consumption in stores, a major component of Ahold’s costs. The intranet became a lively communication tool with an attractive design and a pleasant user experience.


We unified all three websites at a single address: www.albert.cz.


We extended the website with a mobile version, a recipe archive, and geolocation capabilities to find stores. We were one of the first in the industry to use geolocation on a mobile website.


We collected ideas for a new albert.cz website toward the end of the year. Ahold used the ideas as the basis of a brief for a new concept of the website’s content. Our sister company, Etnetera Activate, won the tender and we took advantage of the synergies that come from cooperation that takes place under our one roof.


We started preparing weekly special offer leaflets and newsletters with interesting articles from albert.cz in cooperation with Etnetera Activate. This hard-to-resist combination brings in dozens of new subscribers every week. We regularly created microsites that included interactive features for special Albert campaigns. We took over the Albert Partyservis application, which customers use to order catering for their events; re-writing the application and improving order processing so that administrators are able to deal with any situation that can arise without the help of programmers.

Cooperation with Etnetera works to our satisfaction. Our website, www.albert.cz, looks and works really well. Moreover, we cooperate with Etnetera on creating content that is interesting and well thought out in every aspect. We sometimes hit snags, but we’ve always managed to resolve them. Therefore, I can whole-heartedly recommend Etnetera.

Jan Eisenmann – Online Marketing Specialist


A complex analysis of the available data was performed to aid in the optimization of the website at albert.cz. The A/B testing significantly improved the number of visits to the presentation.

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