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45% increase in website visits

12 detailed traffic analyses

70% increase in recipe views

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We take over the operation of simple HTML pages and


We convert the website to our jNetPublish CMS and we take care of the pages redesign.


We build a new Ahold’s intranet. One of the applications is the DMS Commercial magazine for communication with stores, used by branches for communication with the HQ on a daily basis.

“For our 17,000 employees, together with our colleagues from Etnetera, we create attractive, interesting and clear intranet pages. Throughout this cooperation, there were great but also weaker moments, but if I were to evaluate it comprehensively and objectively, the cooperation is very professional and focused on client satisfaction. For this, our colleagues from Etnetera deserve not only this recommendation, but also our thanks.”

Radim Nejman - Internal Communications Manager


Because of a great success, we extend the intranet with a procedure and directive storage. We develop a robust application for measuring energy consumption, which is important because the energy consumption of our stores has a big impact on Ahold’s profits. The intranet is a live communication tool with a nice design and a pleasant atmosphere.


We unify all three websites under a single address:


We extend the website with a mobile version with a recipe archive and with the use of geolocation for store search. We were one of the first ones in the industry who deployed a mobile version which used geolocation.


At the close of the year, we collect ideas for a new website. These are used by Ahold as the basis for the content brief of a new website content concept. The tender is won by our sister company, Etnetera Activate. We use the synergy of coopertion under one roof.


Every week, in cooperation with Etnetera Activate, we prepare a new special offer leaflet newsletter and a content newsletter with interesting articles from This irresistible combination brings in tens of new subscribers every week. We regularly prepare a microsite on new Albert campaigns, with interactive features. We take over the Albert Partyservis application, using which end customers can order catering for their own events. We rewrite the application and improve order processing. Order administrators are now able to deal with all situations which may occur without the help of programmers.

“The cooperation with Etnetera works to our satisfaction. Our website,, looks and works really well. Moreover, we also cooperate with Etnetera on creating content, which is interesting and well-thought in every aspect. As it happens, we sometimes hit a problem, but we’ve always managed to resolve it. Therefore, I can recommend Etnetera.”

Jan Eisenmann – Online Marketing Specialist

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