In a single year on Allianz website

7,000 signed policies

19,000 mobile version views

43,000 logins into self care system

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After acquiring První multimediální, Etnetera takes over the operation of the existing applications and starts building a team which will build the websites of the Allianz insurance company in the next few years.


We launch a portal for sales representatives. The reps can create personalized content for their unique personal pages and information regarding the structure of the advisory network, their offices or branches of the sales representatives’ network.

In a tight schedule of 3 months, we design and program an online sale system of Allianz insurance. It newly offered its clients insurance over the Internet, with interesting discounts. It would seem such rapid realization isn’t realistic. Our cooperation convinces the doubters otherwise. Given product innovations, we have been regularly redesigning AllianzDirect.

After a successful pilot phase, Allianz launches a new client portal, MojeAllinz, at the beginning of September of the same year. It enables people to manage their policies, change their personal details in them and have a detailed overview of their premium payments.


For Allianz, we have created a brand new web with unique functions. They have to defend it before their headquarters because it doesn’t use the central template but they build, in cooperation with us, their main website in a specific design. We get rid of the PHP solution and go to the jNP content management system.

“Regarding our cooperation with Etnetera, I mainly appreciate the fact they can react quickly to their client’s requests. After almost 4 years of experience with Etnetera, with a lot of successful projects over and finished, we make a good team.”

Kateřina Jeníková– Online Specialist


Growing percentage of mobile access on the Allianz website requires the launch of a first version of the mobile website. We put emphasis on using electronic communication with the insurance company. Intuitive branch and approved repairer search and uses Google Maps and displays the route to the select branch of the insurance company. A photograph can be easily attached to an insurance claim directly from a mobile phone.

We further improve the Allianz web and create its complete English mutation. The English mutation is a complete clone of the Czech version, in 1:1 ratio. It’s the most complex English version of a web in a similar scope in the Czech Republic.


The operation of the Allianz web pages is continually covered by a 4-member team. Twice a year, we conduct user behavior surveys and based on this data, we optimize from the functionality and graphic design point of view.

“Allianz has been cooperating with the Etnetera company in the area of development and operations of online sales applications and web pages in the long term. As of content, they are both minor adjustments and longer term projects. Regarding our cooperation, I mainly appreciate the professionality and active approach from the side of Etnetera employees. They actually often put forward their proposals for improvements and recommend optimal solutions for our clients. My overall evaluation is thus very positive.”

Pavel Martynek – Marketing Director, Allianz

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