In a single month on Annonce website

400,000 registered users

6,000,000 published personal ads

12,500,000 viewed pages

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Our cooperation is as old as Etnetera itself. Throughout tens of projects, we got from the rustle of newspapers to a complete online service.


We launch a reception of ads via SMS and this way, Annonce obtains a strong competitive advantage for several next years. The SMS ads have been working until today.


We start off a peculiar form of an e-shop, the possibility to post paid personal ads.


We register a drop in interest in printed press, which could have a serious economic impact on Annonce. We conduct a survey of internet customer needs and prepare a project for a redesign of the whole internet service.


In October, we launch a brand new web, which enables structured search and filtering in ads.


The owner of Annonce changes and Annonce starts down the path of regular innovations. This approach is the key factor for cooperation.


Annonce goes through a minor change of the corporate identity. This is reflected in a redesign of the whole website, which is fully responsive.

“I’ve been with Annonce since 1998 and I was also the beginning of our cooperation with Etnetera. I feel to be a member of their team and I guess it works the other way too. Not everything went smoothly, but we have always found a solution and there was no problem to agree on anything.”

Michael Matyáš – Product Director


A new way of posting ads includes a new design and a clearer method for purchasing supplementary services. This leads to a year-to-year increase in revenue by 35%. Such a result surpassed our expectations.

“I’ve been cooperating with Etnetera since 2012 and I see people from their project team as equal partners. Not only can we always rely on them, but we see eye to eye on the personal level too, which I appreciate perhaps even more.”

Lenka Černá – CEO


We work on optimization and step by step we proceed to an extremely simple and user friendly service. We track user behavior, we use A/B testing, which confirms our hypothesis. We then implement a better solution. Removing a single step in posting ads, its throughput is increased of up to 22%.

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