In a single day on Fortuna website

12,000 users at the same time

300,000 unique visitors

6,000,000 accepted tickets

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We started cooperating with Fortuna a.s. on web pages administration.


Betting during sport events used to be a sci-fi. These days, it’s a commonplace. Together, we start off the LIVE betting system.

Awarded in the Internet Effectiveness Awards!

Before long, we got our LIVE betting into mobile phones too.

“Now we have the best LIVE bets on the market. Czech competitors do not offer a similar product, not even by far.”

Michal Hanák – The main bookmaker


We implemented corporate web pages of the whole Fortuna Group.

We launch online betting in Poland.


We expand our team and change the cooperation into a continuous delivery. Together, we create a common agile team, in which both sides complement each other. The availability of the dedicated team is 24/7/365.

“In close cooperation with the Etnetera company team, we are able to to keep pace with all major world players in the field of online betting and to light a fire under local competitors on all markets where we operate.”

Ladislav Wiedermann – Head of Digital

105 projects in 4 years.


We come up with a superticket. Customers don’t have to scroll, by using Drag&Drop, creating tickets is easier.

With Fortuna, we face off massive DDoS attacks. Together, we eliminate the impacts of a distributed attack and avoid the risk of high losses.


To achieve better cooperation with the Etnetera internal team, we sit together 2 days a week directly at the client’s site.

During the Winter Olympics in Sochi, we break the traffic record without any website performance problems - approx. 300,000 people a day and 10,000 people at a single moment.


Since the launch of LIVE bets, we’ve grown up to the current support of 27 live sports.


In 2016, we launched brand new Fortuna mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms. Fingerprint login, live broadcasts, detailed statistics, immediate ticket acceptance and push notifications.

“The fact the Etnetera team isn’t considered to be an external one in Fortuna, but to be colleagues colleagues we can rely on, is telltale. As it turned out, by combining Etnetera with our own internal IT team we hit the jackpot.”

Jan Horyna – Head of Online Development

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