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Virtual Reality

Test your product in virtual reality before introducing it to the market 

Why has virtual reality been such a hot topic in the last few years? There are a number of reasons. It allows users to visualize a concept before you need to make costly pre-production investments. You can see it in a wider context, spot any deficiencies in the planning phase, and immediately try alternative options, all making prototyping faster and more efficient.

A related term is augmented reality, or AR. This allows you to add virtual items into the real world, usually through a mobile phone display. To create a realistic virtual reality (VR) environment, you need high-quality googles, a set of sensors capturing the user’s movements, and a powerful computer running optimized software to process all the data. 

Etnetera has been working with AR and VR for years. The keystone of our projects has been the Unity platform that allows us to quickly develop applications, but we’re not afraid of other tools like the Unreal engine, for example. 

The ŠKODA Assistant is one of our flagship projects. It allows users to sit in a real car and use the assistant’s functions to examine and touch it using VR googles. We also helped Česká spořitelna better visualize a new branch office that had yet to be built, saving the bank significant costs. In terms of AR we created Kinesis 2, which can display and animate 3D models in space using special backgrounds.

And that’s not all! The abilities of VR are nearly limitless. Virtual reality helps visualize various options in cars that have yet to roll off the assembly line; walk through a renovated building before the work even starts; and train workers for high-risk situations without putting them in actual danger. We see amazing potential in heavy industry where it’s difficult to show machines with all their miscellaneous accessories in real life. 

Virtual Birds of a Feather 

What makes our concept strong and truly singular are the synergies created within Etnetera Group as our sister company VRgineers has developed the XTAL: 5K VR googles that pull the user into the most realistic virtual environment available. The largest VR space in Europe, Virtuplex, allows for unparalleled freedom of movement. And Etnetera is at the heart of it all, pumping blood into the veins of all this virtual reality.

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