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Complex delivery of digital services to you

These days, clients expect a supplier to be able to provide complex service deliveries across the entire digital world, ideally with one responsible individual. We are able to ensure such deliveries not by using affiliated companies, but within Etnetera Group by ourselves.

Each and every company of the group specializes in its core business and can thus deliver real state-of-the-art quality. Given our profound knowledge of individual industry domains, we understand process relations in customers’ companies.

Let’s imagine the delivery of a project for a large company spearheaded by Etnetera, but with help from other Etnetera Group companies. This project could be the implementation of an intranet or an e-shop. It doesn’t matter from the point of view of the project’s progress.


  • Etnetera prepares all the functional parts along with connections to your existing systems, as well as an operational architecture and security proposal.
  • Perfect user accessibility from UI and UX point of views or an analysis of any kind of your business data will be processed by our colleagues from Etnetera Activate.

Project Implementation

  • A project manager from Etnetera with a dedicated custom team will be in charge of standard project management or management using agile methods.


  • Etnetera will launch the project together with you on time and in the agreed scope. It will have sufficient performance.
  • For a new intranet you might appreciate short educational videos, which will explain your employees new functions and make it easier for them to orientate in the new tool. These will be delivered by Etnetera Motion creative agency.
  • Another example might be a launch of an e-shop. During which you will most likely meet Fragile media team, which will look after your campaign of the project is launched.

Post-Project Care

  • After the project is launched, Etnetera will ensure its full operation and ensure everything is accessible to your users 24/7/365. We will, of course, also implement any small change requests or regular updates.
  • We will inform your visitors about your news thanks to targeted email campaigns provided by Etnetera Activate.

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