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Avoid performance lulls. Our performance tests will help you avoid hiccups and downtime.

Where are the limits of your systems? What load can they sustain? These questions must be asked and the answers must be known.

The experience of going through performance problems or an outright crisis is not unusual. Etnetera provides answers and solutions for these performance spasms. But our best advice is simple: be prepared. There’s a reason people say fortune favors the ready.

What exactly do performance test services involve? Why do we perform them better than others? Performance tests, in our interpretation, include an understanding of the whole system architecture and they are planned by competent performance architects.

Using our tool means we guarantee undistorted, detailed, and quickly accessible results. We aren’t aware of practically any technological limitations.

Global Evaluating

We can plan, perform, and evaluate tests anywhere in the world.

Complex Coverage of All System Components

We test not only system applications and their interfaces, but also mobile applications, databases, and other infrastructure features.

We are able to educate and train the client’s personnel in performance testing, providing them with the necessary experience while including them in the process of development, testing, or even operation.

We closely cooperate with developers to produce optimal testing performance. They have experience with other tools, such as JMeter, Gatling, HP LoadRunner, Silk Performer, BlazeMeter, and many others. That experience has been expanded by load testing for various industries, including some of the largest banks, (ČSOB), insurers (Česká pojišťovna), lottery companies (Fortuna), and e-shops (Datart).

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