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We develop extensive turnkey solutions. We experiment to outpace standards.

Do you need a state-of- the-art e-shop that will move your products? We don’t believe it can be built using a single product that all of your competitors use. We develop extensive turnkey solutions. We experiment to outpace market standards. We fear neither complicated UI controls nor the heavy pre-Christmas load.


In our view, an e-shop is a tailored web application with all the necessary components fully integrated with internal ERP systems, catalog exports for price comparison websites, connections to pay centers and client programs, and always open to frequent changes and innovative ideas.


The synergies provided by Etnetera Group’s broad knowledge base brings us significant competitive advantages. We’re able to not only build an e-shop, but also:

  • Measure and evaluate online data and carry out A/B tests
  • Improve the conversion of existing customers and bring in new clients
  • Increase traffic on your website through SEO optimization
  • Create creative campaigns
  • Fulfill all your wishes with a single partner
  • Smoothly deal with all your operational requirements
  • Personalize catalog offerings and target product recommendations to each of your customers
  • Maintain flawless operation while processing all your data

On every project, we deploy a dedicated staff that will give it their all, an effort that translates to improved sales. Don’t believe us? We’re willing to guarantee that result with a success fee, which could be both positive or negative.

We will withstand any load. Do you know what a one-hour outage costs during the pre-Christmas madness? With us, you’ll never find out. We are prepared for heavy loads. Before launching your e-shop, we will subject it to load tests using our own SmartMeter.io tool.

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