EWA CDN | Etnetera EN

Solution which will not only speed up page loading but also provide protection against attacks from the internet

We now bring you advanced functions from the enterprise world through Etnetera Web Accelerator CDN service, without a need for a long-term use commitment. You can choose one of our four programs and start focusing on what’s really important for you!

Etnetera Web Accelerator CDN helps you implement your ideas about perfectly working web pages. Whether you run company pages, an e-shop or a lottery portal, response time of your pages must be a key factor for you. We prepared a service for you which brings in a combination of a high level of security and real acceleration, which was previously available only in expensive enterprise solutions.

After choosing one of our programs, there are two possibilities of redirecting DNS records to the entry point of our service:

  1. change of your web’s DNS records (www.klient.cz) to a CNAME supplied by us
  2. change of DNS records only for those domains which server static content (e.g. static.klient.cz) to a CNAME supplied by us (in this variant, the scope of the services is limited to only this part of your web pages)

From this moment on, and depending on the program variant you choose, these components are available:

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Web Application Firewall provides protection against a number of common techniques used to attack web pages — SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and other. To minimize so-called false-positive incidents, it is necessary to thoroughly check your web’s functionality before its deployment to the production environment. That’s why its deployment is more time demanding.


Using caching and content compression techniques, we significantly accelerate response times of web applications. The result is a better user experience and also a higher position (rank) in popular search engines. Dataspaces for individual clients are separated and content can be invalidated by simple API calls, which are available to clients.

DDoS protection

DDoS protection is implemented mainly on the application level, where various techniques are used to screen off (D)DoS attacks from customers’ systems. Besides overloading web pages with http requests (used e.g. by the Anonymou movement and their HOIC tool), EWA CDN also protects against Slowloris (slow headers) or RUDY type attacks.

We constantly improve our service, so we have gradually added additional features which are appreciated by our customers:

  • Traffic loadbalancing for backend servers
  • SPDY protocol, which significantly speeds up web load time and it is a part of HTTP/2.0 proposal.
  • IPv6 termination, which brings in your web’s availability in IPv6 networks regardless of preparedness of your client’s infrastructure.
  • GeoIP limitation enables limiting accessibility of your web to selected countries only.
  • SSL termination to alleviate load on backend servers.
  • Protection against so-called crawlers, or content downloaders, which are further used in competition.

You can test EWA CDN services with us completely free of charge in a one-month trial period and thus evaluate their benefits for your web pages.