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What is personalization good for to you? And what is it good for to your customers?

People speak about it a lot, but only a few clients actually implement it. Don’t fall into the false impression that by sending an addressed newsletter you’ve done enough about it. The goal of personalization is to offer your customer the right content, at the right place, at the right moment. With loyalty of your shoppers, your revenues will grow too.

Even in the anonymous internet waters you can offer your customers the same luxury and communicate with them one-one-on across all channels. For various personalization screenplays we’ve developed our own generic tool, Soyka, at your disposal in these variants:

  • Full version of Soyka tool, which obtains complex data on users and creates user profiles from them, enriches the data using datamining, recommending and predicting algorithms and implements personalization in various channels.

  • Soyka Eshop Booster is a specific solution for simple deployment of personalization for your e-shop which contains proven personalization practices for the e-commerce world.

Based on a customer’s user behavior you can learn their real needs and bring them really unique content and offer. On the web, we can recommend content and ease orientation, in mailing, we can segment users, or enrich web analytics.

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