The Shortest Time To Value With AI

Find out what AI can do for your business in only 3 weeks.



Data exploration

We will determine if your current data is fit for AI, and how it can be used.

AI maturity assessment
We will assess your company’s starting point with AI to determine the best course of actions you should take to achieve your goals.

Vision and business alignment
We will understand what your company’s vision and strategic goals are and find related use cases.


AI Roadmap

Use cases discovery

We will review state of the art literature and do market research to generate a list of use cases where AI can help your business.

Low hanging fruits first to achieve first results fast, and a list of subsequent actions to strive towards achieving the strategic company/s goals.

Internal AI roadmap
AI is a marathon, not a sprint, and there has to be a long term strategy to fully benefit from the benefits AI brings. We will also provide an internal culture and team upskilling roadmap.


AI Prototype

Custom developed prototype

We will develop a custom prototype model to be able to “test the hypothesis”.

Demo application
The prototype will be delivered in the form of a demo application that you’ll be able to run.


Available expert on the client side

Access to the data (if it’s sensitive data, just a sample with dummy data will do)

Free data exploration

To minimize your risk, we will do a free data exploration. If your data doesn’t allow the use of AI, we won’t charge anything.

You basically risk nothing
You will receive an actionable plan of things to do to make your data usable
We will help you all along the way
Start your AI journey now

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