Get Results With AI In Weeks, Not Years

From idea to production, our custom AI solutions bring results in weeks so you don’t have to spend years in expensive learning curves.

Implementing AI can be complex, slow and expensive

AI is transforming business and is bringing game-changing benefits in all industries. But most companies fail in implementing AI due to the complexity it can bring.

Building an inhouse AI team is a hard and slow process

The current job market can’t supply all the demand, available AI engineers with the right skills and experience are hard to find and don’t come cheap.

Building the right team can take years

There will be a learning curve

You won’t see real results at least until year 2

Other providers only cover you partially

Some companies focus only on business consultations, some only do experimental models, some only deliver software with no business understanding or don’t offer a full solution including frontend and backend implementation.

You end up dealing with multiple providers

Projects get difficult to manage with too much admin involved

This drains your energy, results don’t come

Here’s How to Get Results with AI in Weeks, not Years

You don’t have to learn the hard way, we already went through it in 100+ projects over 6+ years of market experience.

AI Consulting & Discovery

Think Big, Start Small

We will uncover AI use cases that you can implement to help you achieve your short and long term strategic goals.

We will start with low hanging fruits for immediate impact.

You will get custom-developed quick prototypes to test ideas.


„Will this mean another fancy powerpoint?”
Nope. We will deliver an actionable list of use cases with dependencies AND custom developed prototypes.


Scale Fast

We build our AI models using the latest cutting-edge technologies.

AI modely stavíme s využitím nejnovějších poznatků a technologií

Our solutions are deployed on automatic scaling platforms so scaling is not an issue later on.


„Do I need to change my workflows or tools to fit your solutions?”
No, our solutions can be integrated into your existing tools (e.g. via API) so you don’t have to change your workflows.


Keep It Running

We keep all models running while making sure to minimize performance decay and we take care of all the MLOps your business needs.

We operate all major cloud platforms (AWS, MS Azure, GC…)

We monitor all systems, and re-train models as needed.


„I don’t want cloud, can I use your solutions on-premise?”
Yes, we can also deploy on your own hardware or internal network.

Free data exploration

To minimize your risk, we will do a free data exploration. If your data doesn’t allow the use of AI, we won’t charge anything.

We take the risk so you can think big
 You will receive an actionable plan of things to do to make your data usable
We will help you all along the way

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