Mobile Apps

When a responsive and mobile website does not meet your expectations, you need a mobile application.

starting out

Design Thinking

At joint workshops, we present trends and technologies to our clients. They get to experience the latest wearable electronics and virtual reality first hand. We demonstrate development possibilities to them and show them all the things we can create together.

Depending on project type, we will design an optimal solution that will determine our first steps.  We can take the route of a multi-platform, hybrid, or fully native application.

Before we dive into development, we will conduct a thorough user survey that will give us valuable data for the subsequent development. 


Agile development

A selected team of our developers will dive into making prototypes. Development is agile and team members are in constant communication with one another. We don’t do change requests, which makes the process faster and far more efficient.

First, we focus on applications that deliver fast results. Then we carefully test prototypes, both manually and with the use of automated testing. This will reveal any errors and often guide us to further improvements. Once we have integrated them, the application is ready in its final form. We will prepare a list of steps to achieve your strategic actions.


We are always here

We do not bid our clients farewell once the development of their application is over. In association with our colleagues from Etnetera Group, we will be happy to help them with the market launch of the application, to make sure it finds the right users.

But our work is not over even then. We continue to keep an eye on the application (based on the particular service-level agreement) and can keep developing and improving it.

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