Do you want a top-notch tailor-made e-shop that will really sell?


Own solution

We do not believe that e‑shops can be built with a single product that is used by all competitors.  At Etnetera, we develop large turn-key solutions using our own Etnetera E‑commerce Framework.

We are not afraid of complicated controls or the pre-Christmas rush, because we know exactly what we can expect of our solution.



Our concept of an e-shop as a custom-made web application features components that predetermine the success of the product: by integration with internal ERP systems, supporting the export of a catalogue for Internet browsers, connection to payment centres, or a client programme. We use select components that would be open to frequent change and innovative ideas.

etnetera group


In e-commerce projects, we take advantage of the backing of the entire Etnetera Group.  We can make not only an e-shop but also:

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