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AHOLD (Albert)







Since 2005, we have been DATART’s main partner in the e-commerce area. We are the developer and operator of a successful e-shop integrated with the Axapta system.


With the companies from the ČSOB group, we closely cooperate in the field of load testing using our SmartMeter product, personalization, or web solutions.


Since 2015, we have been EON’s main partner in the digitalization process, whose part is, among other things, web portal consolidation under the jNetPublish platform.


We cooperate with all marques of this car importer: Audi, Volkswagen, Volkswagen, SEAT, and Das WeltAuto. We operate a lot of websites, extranet systems and internal applications.


We are the authors of an intranet application to support sales representatives and we operate an extensive email solution.


In the online solution area, we have been cooperating for 10 years. The flagship is the company intranet built on the jNetPublish platform, with integrations to banking systems.


One of the largest national travel agencies has been running on our jNetPublish platform since 2009.


Since 2008, we have been developing and operating the main Ticketpro portal on the jNetPublish platform for 6 countries including e.g. Malaysia or Chile.


The connection Siemens & Etnetera belong together for 17 years. For selected web portals or the intranet, our jNetPublish platform is used.

Volkswagen Financial Services

On the jNetPublish platform, we have developed a website and its mobile version. A part of the website is an integrated search engine of used vehicles from our ŠKODA Plus and Das WeltAuto partner sales programs.


Since 2013, we have been the authors of the Intersport’s online reservation catalog with a direct integration to the backend system of the parent company.


We are the main partner, in the e-commerce area, of an important pharmacy chain, Dr. Max, and authors of


Since 2011, we have been a partner for the development and operations of a B2B portal, including a SAP integration, for one of the largest consumer electronics wholesalers.

Ministerstvo zahraničních věcí

Since 2008, we have been the authors of the MoFA portal, which is operated on the jNetPublish platform and administered from 201 embassies from all over the world.


Since 2011, we have been the authors of a client portal, which integrates, among other things, call center video chats, product purchase self-service, or a two-phase encryption for data protection.

J&T Finance Group

Since 2013, the J&T Bank a J&T Group web portals have been operated in a new guise on the jNetPublish platform.


Since 2011, we have been the authors of company’s web portals for 31 countries, including our own Soyka tool personalization.

Next Biometrics

Implementation of a client portal using Liferay technology for customers primarily from North America or Asia.


For ten years, we have been a Euromedia partner for their B2B portal and e-shop.