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A free company
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To us, freedom at work means having the ability to choose, being fair, and being responsible. We support the enthusiasm of our employees and their ideas. We are colleagues and friends. Be it at work, the pub, a playground… or your conference room.


What they say
about us

"Etnetera is a partner I can always rely on. Working on projects together feels like being a part of a single team. Cooperation with Etnetera makes our business grow. I’m looking forward to discovering what else they can do for!"

Aleš Krejčí Online Development Manager

 “A highly competent team with extensive technical expertise and the ability to deliver large projects in an amazingly short amount of time.”

Evaldas Tylas Head of Viaplay Baltic

"Etnetera doesn’t just implement our designs. It is an equal partner in the development process and the subsequent support of a unique information system. Despite the turbulent nature of SKODA AUTO projects we are always able to reach a solution successfully."

Pavel Kulíšek Dealer network development and corporate design

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At the moment, we are hiring new colleagues to work in Czech-speaking teams. If you speak Czech, please check out the listed positions here.
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