our vision

A company living to 100

Right from the company’s inception, the vision of the founders Vašek and Martin has been aiming for 2097. In that year, there will be not only a total solar eclipse, but we will also celebrate 100 years!  Coincidence? We don’t think so! The future is on our minds, and we want Etnetera to be very much alive even in 100 years! We are looking for long-term partnerships and do not want to be mere digital workers, but reliable partners, colleagues, and friends.


The debate ignited by the word “Why” is often more important than the answer itself.


Every change is a challenge for us, to which we want to respond in an agile manner.


We are taking our own route and “copy-and-paste” are dirty words for us.


The foundation of success? We enjoy trust among ourselves, and between clients and us.

we can have fun

Work & fun

We are a friendly, unrestrictive company, and each of us is an individual. We are a well-rehearsed team, but we like to bring in colleagues who do not stick to established stereotypes and can have fun at work.  Because that is what we are good at! Pretty good, might we add! We can work hard, grit our teeth, and responsibly accomplish the possible as well as the impossible, but at the same time, we love to chat over a glass of beer, and we will get even the most boring party dancing. Do you say you can’t dance? Then you will definitely fit in!


You will grow with us

Say what you want, and we will help you get it! At our firm, you should definitely not look forward to a series of boring training courses and sitting in a chair through a seminar from which you will come away with a bruised bottom, at most.

We will create an environment for you where you will naturally grow, not only professionally, but also personally. All you need is a desire to work on yourself and confidence in what you do. We will take care of the rest!


Through our own mistakes in project management, we have tweaked our know-how, which we want to preserve and, above all, pass this experience on to one another.


For those who have a passion for mobile application development, we have our Mobile Academy focused on development in Kotlin and Swift.


A technology theme and pizza? A perfect match! That’s why we regularly hold a Tech Lunch at the end of the week.


We are continuously developing our own e-commerce solution, the Etnetera E‑commerce Framework, and share information as well as practical examples.


Every year is different, but every year enthusiasts from Etnetera come together to measure their strengths in their craft.


Fronteders, unit! Regular meetings with lectures on various topics and an open discussion.  

How we do things

Leave your suit at home 

After the initial telephone call, you can expect an interview for which you do not need to dig out a jacket and some tight-fitting trousers from your closet. What is important for us is that you feel pleasant and natural the entire time.

In a friendly atmosphere

Don’t be startled if someone greets you with a “Hiiii!” right at the lift. At Etnetera, we go on a first-name basis, with no exceptions. We are a modern company, and the friendly atmosphere is in the air, as much as our great coffee.

No boring questions 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? No worries! We will definitely not ask you about that during an interview. Our HR girls will chat with you mainly about what you enjoy, what you want to do, and what you can do! Don’t be afraid to ask about anything. 

We want to know, what you want to know

You will find out about the more specific technical details from our pros and hopefully also your future colleagues. This can be followed by a practical part in the form of an assignment.  And what next? Then we will shake hands!

We will pamper you 

Classic benefits such as 25 days of holiday, public transit contribution, training contribution, a dog friendly environment, flexible working hours, or an operating system to suit your preferences are a matter of course for us!
We are a modern company, and we pride ourselves on providing non-traditional benefits.

Court chef

Good food is as important as good fun! And that is why we have had our chef and great friend Jirka by our side for 20 years. He knows very well how to fill our tummies.


We have our own Academies focused on mobile development, project management, and technologies, such as React. If you feel that you want a change or to acquire new knowledge, we are ready for it!

Making people happy

We buy sweet treats from the Tichá cukrárna from deaf confectioners. During the pandemic, we prepared an online performance with Bolek Polívka Theatre, and we help not only financially but also physically, for example, by planting trees between the villages of Hořany and Poříčany.


Beyond Prague

Even though you can have lots of fun with us and take part in many shared events, you do not need to come in the office every day. We trust one another, we are responsible, and we can work from nearly anywhere. And we have several branches where you can have your own chair and great colleagues. Prague is great; in Pilsen, they have great beer; Jihlava is where the coffee that they say smells nice comes from; and Košice is the home of the No Name band. And Brno? Brno is no longer a boring place.

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