Virtual reality

Test your product in virtual reality before introducing it to the market.

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Virtual reality

VR is an excellent helper in visualising concepts, without making an expenditure on their production.  The client can better envisage the entire project in a broader context and see any shortcomings in the early design stages.

Similarly, augmented reality (AR) is a great helper.  With it, you can add virtual objects to the real world, most frequently through a telephone display.


From our workshop

Our joint cooperation has yielded some interesting projects for our clients.  These include, for example, ŠKODA Assistant, which has brought users the possibility to take a seat in a “real” car, use VR glasses, and interact with its assistant functions by touch.

We also helped Ceska sporitelna to better visualise one of their new branches at the conceptual stage, saving them considerable expenses.

Last but not least, there is the Kinesis 2 application, which is an AR application that sets supplied 3D models in motion, using special posters.


Real cooperation in a virtual world

What makes our concept strong and unique are the synergies between Etnetera Group and PIE Ventures, which includes Virtuplex, a company with the largest space for virtual reality in Europe, which allows you to experience freedom of movement and a feeling like nowhere else.

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