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We’re a team that doesn’t live only to work

In 1997, Martin and Vašek wanted to earn some extra money while studying at ČVUT. They founded a company and to their surprise soon learned they could also employ their friends who shared their knowledge and sense of humour. After 20+ years of successful operation, Etnetera is a leader in building web portals and application development. Our goal is to be the market leader on the Czech market in this segment.


We don’t want to be just digital laborers

We focus on long-term partnerships and finding unique solutions with an added value that provides real benefits and results. Our self-confidence is based on a strong and stable background and the experience from thousands of demanding projects for clients who are the top of their industries. We keep our promises, and we can admit and correct our mistakes. We trust both ourselves and you.

Our team now consists of 150+ people

We work in a liberal and open environment without neckties and process manuals. We’re inspired by the principles of a free company where profits are shared transparently, teams set their own rules, and management doesn’t have any superior benefits. We like to do sports together and we support each other. We’re part of one team. It’s no coincidence we finished in the top three in the “Best Employers Czech Republic” award for four consecutive years. The results of this study are based on the opinions of companies’ own employers and their motivations.

Etnetera HUB tech lunch

We Constantly Learn New Things

We use open source solutions for development. We set aside ISO because we don’t need it. We don’t manage projects according to the waterfall model. We believe in the agile approach. We build dedicated teams that are close partners for clients and they spend part of their work time with them.

We share our joy

We help with what we can do best: We create and manage websites for NGOs (e.g. Tichý svět, o.p.s., Splněné dětské přání, Femancipation, and many others). Where brains are not enough, we aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty: We helped repair a castle, build a forest kindergarten, or help clean flood damage. We have cooperated over the long time with an elementary school (ZŠ Žebrák - see video) and the One-On-One (“Jeden na jednoho”) Society, which help the visually impaired integrate into society. We also support other charitable projects financially.

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