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Internal Applications

We will give you a reason to set your intranet as your homepage

Have you heard the crossword clue: Eight letters, what is the most common reason for clashes between IT and the marketing department?. Intranet. But it doesn’t have to be that way…

We take the baton at the starting line and ensure smooth communication between all parties. We aren’t impeded by process management manuals. And that’s why we’ll resolve a problem that has been plaguing you for years in just a few months. 

The Recipe for Intranets

We know a recipe for an intranet that people will really use. It has to have exceptional performance and a pleasing user interface. An intranet isn’t just an document archive and a portal for news at the company. We’ll spice it up with the essential ingredients: menus of restaurants in your area, a phone directory, and a bank of cool images for your slides.

We consider Liferay to be the ideal technology for an intranet. It’s free software with a massive number of installations that is constantly evolving thanks to a large developer community. It gives us infinite opportunities to extend the intranet’s functionality and augment its modules.

The launch is not the final destination. We develop the intranet for several months and years after that. We react to users’ real needs that are only revealed during its real operation. Has your intranet met your expectations and goals? What plans do you have with it for the future? We’ll be glad to help you answerthese questions. We evaluate what people on the intranet do and what they enjoy. Based on that, we can develop and fine-tune the solution further.

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