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Client Portals

A Great Portal is a 21st Century Branch Where All Your Clients Like to Return

Do you know what a client portal has in common with a souped-up car? Factory-specs aren’t enough for satisfaction. We want to guide you through fine-tuning a portal to bring your digital presentation to perfection. Our jNetPublish platform can help you achieve that.

We don’t overestimate technology and tools, but we focus on working with them. We use the right products for the right purposes. We have a wide range of experience connecting different technologies to implement portal solutions and content management systems. We can install third-party applications, portlets, and plugins into portals. We like to reach the limits of platforms and push the envelope of possibilities.

Your participation doesn’t finish with tasking us. We will pull you into implementation using agile management. Together, we will develop the portal faster, more efficiently, and with fewer errors.

For content management, we prefer to use our own complex jNetPublish platform that we constantly improve to match current trends. This means we aren’t bound by any licences and we don’t have to make any compromises. We adjust the system to meet your needs across the online world, whether you managing your websites, e-shops, intranets. And we take joy in that.

Are you hesitating? We’ll give you 6 good reasons why to use the jNetPublish platform. What can it do?

  1. Insite editing: You edit and format the text without any professional skills, directly within the page preview.
  2. Different roles for different users: Assign tailored access rights to every user.
  3. Mobile websites and responsive design: Comfortably browse your website on all devices.
  4. Connecting communication channels: Connect your web pages with social networks.
  5. Security: The finance sector and public services will appreciate jNP.
  6. Personalization: Smooth personalization using our Soyka product.

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