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Do you need a state-of-the-art e-shop that  will sell your products?

We don’t believe you can build it using the product all your competitors use.

We develop large turnkey solutions. We experiment and outpace standards. We are not afraid of complicated UI controls the nor pre-Christmas load.


In our conception, an e-shop is a tailored web application with all expected components fully integrated within internal ERP systems, catalog exports for price comparison websites, connections to pay centers or client programs, while remaining open to frequent changes or innovative ideas.


In e-commerce projects, we benefit from the advantages brought to us by the foundation of the Etnetera Group. Beyond e-shops, we can also create:
  • Measure and evaluate online data, carry out A/B tests.
  • Improve conversion of existing customers and bring in new clients.
  • Increase traffic on you website based on SEO optimization.
  • Build a creative campaign: Fulfill all your demands with a single partner all under one roof
  • Smoothly deal with all your operational requirements.
  • Personalize your catalog offering and target product recommendations to each of your customers
  • Maintain flawless operation and process 100% of all your data

We deploy staff that will give it their all on every project. This will also reflect in improving sales, which we can guarantee with a success fee (in its both positive and negative forms). Such a setup provides mutual motivation to further develop your e-shop.

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