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Mobile Applications

When responsive and mobile websites don’t meet your expectations, you need a mobile application

Based on the type of project, we’ll propose an optimal solution — multi-platform, hybrid, or a fully-native application. Target 1.5 billion users on mobile devices.

Beginning: Design

We use workshops to present our clients with the latest trends and technologies. They can try the latest wearables and virtual reality technologies for themselves. We demonstrate everything that’s possible and what we could be able to create together.

We then propose an optimal solution depending on the type of product. We can go the route of multi-platform, hybrid, or fully-native applications.

Before we start development, we undertake a thorough user survey to acquire important data for development.

Work: Agile Development

A team of developers then begins creating prototypes in an agile framework where teammates are in constant communication with one another. We bypass change requests, accelerating the process and making it much more effective.

The prototypes are then carefully put through their paces, both manually and using automated testing, which uncovers any possible errors and leads to further improvements. Once these are incorporated, the final version of the app is ready to go.

The End? We Stick Around

We don’t abandon our clients once development has finished. Together with our friends at Etnetera Group, we help launch the application so it reaches the right users.

But we’re not done even after that. We continue to oversee the app according to a service-level agreement and can continue to work to develop and improve it.

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