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A single month on Annonce’s website means:

400 000 registered users
6 000 000 advertisements published
12 500 000 pageviews

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We transferred operation from historic hardware to new infrastructure administered by VLTAVA LABE MEDIA.


The Právní poradna (Legal Advice Office) was created as a location to seek legal consultations from a specialist. After an in-depth analysis, a solution is proposed that can be paid for using the Annonce gateway, provided the client approves. Articles with advice for common legal problems provide added value.

We created an email address validation system to fix type-o’s and made sending emails easier, reaching a successful delivery rate of 99%. We constantly analyze visitor behavior to improve the client interface.


We worked step-by-step to optimize processes and reach a new level in user-friendly service. We began tracking user behavior and implemented A/B testing to confirm our hypotheses. We then implement an improved solution. The removal of a single step in posting ads increased throughput by up to 22%.


A new way of posting ads is included along with a new design and a simpler method for purchasing supplementary services. This leads to a year-to-year revenue increase of 35%, significantly exceeding our expectations.

“I’ve been cooperating with Etnetera since 2012 and I see people from their team as equal partners. Not only can we always rely on them, but we see eye-to-eye on the personal level as well, which I might appreciate even more.”

Lenka Černá – CEO


Annonce underwent a minor change in corporate identity. This is reflected in a redesign of the website, which is now fully responsive.

“I’ve been with Annonce since 1998, which was also the beginning of our cooperation with Etnetera. I feel like a member of their team and it seems as though this is true in the opposite direction as well. Not everything has gone smoothly, but we always find a solution and there was never a problem reaching an agreement.”

Michael Matyáš – Product Director


Annonce changes hands and embarks upon a path of constant innovation. This change is a key factor in our continuing cooperation.


In October, we launched a brand-new website that enables structured searches and ad filtering.


The accelerating drop in demand for print media was threatening Annonce’s bottom line. We conducted a survey of internet customer needs and prepared a project to redesign the entire internet service.


We launch a unique e-shop with the possibility of post-paying personal ads.


We launch the reception of ads via SMS, which gives Annonce a strong competitive advantage for the next several years. The SMS ads continue to work to this day.


Our cooperation is as old as Etnetera itself. Through dozens of projects, we went from the rustle of newsprint to a complete online service.

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