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Complex mosaic of digital services

During our long-term mutual cooperation with O2 dating back to 1999 we have successfully brought a large scale of digital services. From the B2B portal for company customers, to website presentation, great entertainment on web and mobile phone through O2 TV and the loyalty program O2 Extra výhody (Extra Benefits).

Managing mobile services The complex portal allows thousands of company customers to manage their mobile phones, tariffs and much more.
Digital television Thanks to the web and mobile application for both Android nad iOS, O2 TV offersuser access to entertainment from anywhere.
Website and loyalty program We are authors of website, including full integrations of internal systems and the loyalty program O2 Extra výhody (Extra Benefits) available on several platforms.

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„What I appreciate most about our long-term cooperation is the open communication and the fact that we are able to establish collaboration within teams on the level of specific people and not just on projects or roles. This enables us to continually develop O2’s websites and mobile applications and successfully face the myriad challenges of digital transformation.“

Aleš Krejčí Digital Innovation Manager


We transferred the selected websites we administer to our new jNetPublish Next Generation content management system.

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We launched the O2 TV mobile application for Android and iOS, which led to a massive increase in the number of users of this service.



We successfully connected our systems to the Simple Online Company (SOC) project that unified all IT systems and their migration to O2’s administration.

It’s the most extensive program in the history of the company. We’ve never done something so big,” O2 IT head Michal Dvořák said.

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2016 saw a series of significant changes including a redesign of the website and the mobile application. We also participated in a massive integration project that connected the firm’s phones to a new logistics system. We continually develop our One Portál project and launched the Business segment in LifeRay.


Etnetera mobile developers successfully took the O2 Extra Benefits application under their supervision for the iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platforms. They revved up development and merged the entire O2 Extra Benefits ecosystem, including the website, mobile website, mobile applications, and B2B applications, combining all the solutions so they benefit from the synergies created by the tools and integrated communication.

“I don’t see Etnetera as a supplier, or an agency, but as a member of our team: a reliable, responsible, and stable member; one who’s an expert in their field and can manage all the work without the hassles of an agency; one who always tries to help when help is needed.”

Jiří Caudr – Online Channels Director


We launched O2 Videotéka (O2 Video Library) and O2 TV Go (live broadcast of TV channels with support for mobile devices). The project was demanding because of integration of internal O2 systems with the key platform at the Czech provider, which mediates content for O2 TV and is the license holder of all DRM-protected streamed material. Together, we built a portal that provides services on several platforms (websites, mobile web pages, smartphones, tablets). The Play Framework was used for development together with the Scala programming language (also chosen by the likes of Twitter or Foursquare for their solutions), and it deploys MongoDB and Redis for data storage. The complete solution therefore provides comfortable and fluent browsing throughout the movie catalog for all users, even under heavy loads.

“Etnetera is a partner I can always turn to and rely on. We really feel as if we’re part of a single team when working on our projects. Our work is so fruitful that not only does it grow our online business, but I grow personally as well. We always find something we can do for!”

Aleš Krejčí – Online Development Manager

We also take on a smaller project, Phone booth adoption, where people can use personal messages to please their loved ones, and we make a financial contribution to the Linka bezpečí helpline.


We deployed our Soyka personalization tool in the O2 Extra Benefits program, allowing users to choose from benefits that are the most attractive to them and users with similar tastes.


We cooperated with Datart to create a robust B2B portal for O2 corporate clients in record-breaking time. It was used to purchase not only phones and SIMs with calling plans, but also products such as laptops, tablets, modems, and other accessories. The portal also offered services like transferring SIMs, porting from other operators, claims, loyalty point payments, and many others. O2 used the portal to replace outsourcing these services to external partners and as a move towards full automatization. Despite the extensive integration needed, the basic version was developed in only 3 months.

We also introduced Adobe Search and Promote on the website. Our online solution for O2 Extra Bonuses, the most successful loyalty program in the Czech Republic, allowed users to redeem benefits using any online channel (SMS, website, mobile website, mobile app), which is its key technological and competitive advantage.

The O2 Extra Benefits solution won first prize in the Telecommunications and IT category at the Internet Effectiveness Awards. A year later, we celebrated success in the same category, this time with our successful implementation of the Soyka personalization tool.


We introduced IPv6 website operations, launching a new website. A 30-member team worked for 8 months to develop the presentation using technologies state-of-the-art for the time, such as CSS 3 and HTML 5. We also eliminated the use of Flash. The website ran on the newest version of jNetPublish and integrated many third-party solutions (chat, forums, data from CRM/ERP, SSO). Two years later, we began integrating the ATG e-commerce platform. Although it was an extremely demanding project in terms of coordination (inputs from several parties, integration testing, etc.), it was completed on time at the required level of quality.


We worked on Nadace O2’s (O2 Foundation) successful Think Big program, which provided financial support to social projects implemented by young people. The key part was the backend, which provided an intricate workflow to hundreds of programs.


We launched the first version of the 02 Extra loyalty program, a predecessor of today’s well-known Extra výhody (Extra Benefits) program.


We tried our hand at being a moving business, transferring servers from Vidoule to Nagano.

We also helped build a new press center, which 02 still uses today.


Things were going very well with our two major customers. Then Telefónica entered the Czech market, which meant rebranding the Eurotel and Český Telecom websites.

We had a single partner once again and we worked to converge all the solutions supplied to Telefónica O2, which was a difficult test of both project management and software development, but the effort yielded success.


Eurotel made up too much of our business, which left us uneasy. We sought other clients and in 2004 we competed for a contract to handle the Český Telecom website against two dozen competitors. Our jNetPublish brought us victory again and we then transformed a total of 3,000 PHP pages in two language versions.


In 2002, we succeed in a tender to develop the page in a Java CMS with pages designed by Siegel and Gale. Our CMS gives us the boost we need to win the administration of and we embark on an era that sees the successful completion of dozens of projects… Many of us still have the Go Ježíšku Go theme music in our heads today.


In 1999, we won a tender to produce a private website for Eurotel’s major key accounts numbering over 3,000+ customers.

We ventured into wap pages and prepared our first mobile website for the Nokia 7110 phone. We also operated the mobile platform.

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