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Website re-design and creating a fully digital loyalty program

Hundreds of thousands of registered loyalty program members

Cooperation began through sister company Etnetera Activate, which provided Rossmann with newsletters and email communication. Etnetera came on board in 2017 with the re-design of the website and a mobile app for Android and iOS. Etnetera Motion was also on board to provide creativity.


As Etnetera Group, we provide the client with a full range of services: from creating the program concept, marketing materials, e-learning materials, advertisements, communication on social networks, and the production and support of the application and its constant improvement. 


The ROSSMANN CLUB mobile app


We successfully developed and launched the Rossmann Club – a wholly-digital loyalty program that replaces traditional plastic cards. The mobile app is used by over 217,000 satisfied customers every month allowing them to see how many points they’ve amassed and the latest sales offers. Etnetera also created a children’s loyalty program called Rossmánek that allows parents of children to take advantage of interesting discounts on selected products. 


Preview of the website

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